Blood in the Snow Film Festival Code of Conduct

Blood in the Snow Film Festival is a space where our audiences, filmmakers and all attendees can safely explore boundaries, artistic taboos and underground cinema. While we do not condone censorship, we will not allow any harassment of any kind, violence or abusive behaviours in and around the festival premises and venues towards staff, volunteers, attendees, festival guests and filmmakers.

We reserve the right to revoke festival passes and privileges without notice to the offending party should any of the above behaviours be detected. We also reserve the right to treat everyone at the festival with the utmost respect and those who report any issues should do so knowing they are safe and their rights are paramount to the festival.

If an issue arises please contact any volunteer or staff and ask to speak to Guest Services. We are happy to assist.
For immediate emergencies, please call 911.

Know your rights. Consult the Ontario Human Rights Code for more information.